Instant “Pot User” to an official “Pot Head!”

With EDTC300 coming to a close, it means that my Instant Pot learning project is also coming to a close. Before I began this learning project, I occasionally used my Instant Pot and was not very adventurous.   However, I am now using my Instant Pot 2 to 3 times a week and don’t even care if I have a recipe to follow, often just throwing things in! This learning project has not only allowed me to connect with classmates but also with people outside of class. I would like to think that the near 700 blog hits means that people generally want to follow my blog but I know that the majority of hits are from friends sharing my Instant Pot blog.  Despite this class coming to an end, I do want to continue sharing my “Pot Head” adventures as I have enjoyed blogging.  Probably easier said than done, right!?

To recap my weekly progress:

Week One: Instant-Ly Becoming a Pot Head

–          Introduction, plans for learning over the course, meal ideas

Week Two: Shredding It!

–          Making frozen chicken in 20 minutes with sauce

–          Shredding it with a hand mixer

Week Three: Instant Pot Lingo 101

–          All you need to know about the Instant Pot (tips, tricks, tools, language used, etc.)

Week Four: Go Bananas!

–          Baking banana bread in the Instant Pot (step-by-step process with pictures).

–          All my learning is done online mostly through the Instant Pot Facebook pages. This post outlines how I feel about learning this way and the tips and tricks of how learning this way differs from using a cookbook.

Week Five: Let’s Get Cracking!

–          Hardboiled eggs using the 5-5-5 method.

–          I featured Julia and her keto journey in this post.

Week Six: Say Cheese(cake)

–          This week was my dad’s birthday so I made him an Instant Pot New York Cherry Cheesecake with an Instant Pot Cherry Sauce.

–          This post also features a Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake that I made for my mom’s birthday

–          This post includes the rave reviews from not only my family but also classmates (include comment screenshots).

Week Seven: Nobucks Starbucks

–          A step by step process on how to make the famous Starbucks Sous Vide Egg bites.

–          It is all the rage right now on the Instant Pot Facebook pages.

Week Eight: Ravioli to Rave About (but not a time saver)

–          The first and ONLY post where I admitted cooking the old fashioned way would have been faster.

–          This ravioli was full of cheesy goodness but a lot of work for ravioli! But who doesn’t like cheesy goodness!?

–          I talk about the downfall of learning online and through the Facebook pages. Also, touching on what I will do differently in the future and how failing is all part of the learning process.

–          Regardless of what I felt like was kind of a flop I still received encouraging feedback from classmates. (include screenshot)

Week Nine: Cracked The Code!

–          This post features a video of the process of making yogurt in the Instant Pot.

–          I had been working on making yogurt since the first week of my learning project and had no idea that it would take me five attempts to perfect yogurt. I also, break down each attempt step-by-step.

–          I stepped out of my comfort zone and took videos of the process and used iMovie to put together and edit the video. I talk about my learning process of stepping out of my comfort zone and diversifying the types of technology I use. What I found easy, hard and what I would do differently next time.

Week Ten: Do you find zoodles in the zoo?

–          This week I feature a step-by-step way of making zoodles. I even tell the secret of just going to Costco and buying the already spiralized zucchini and squash. Huge time saver but one day I would like to say I spiralized my own garden zucchini.

–          I also feature Julia’s keto zoodles in this blog.

I clearly loved my learning project way too much as I completed two more posts than the required ten posts ha!

Week Eleven: Easiest Lasagna Ever!

–          Displays a step-by-step process of lasagna making.

–          Discusses how it is a cooking game changer. Takes way less time and less tedious.

Week Twelve: The Full Meal Deal

–          As I mentioned earlier, my family and friends have been following my journey. My mom and her friend got it in their head that I should do an Instant Pot three course meal. They both have Instant Pots and could easily do it themselves however, they just wanted an excuse to not have to cook ha!

–          This is my last Instant Pot cooking post and I thought it would be a great way to wrap up my learnings.

–          I planned a three course meal using a blog I discovered (link).

–          I described the process of cooking.

–          I made a video again on iMovie to practice my skills and perfect/learn the things that I did not figure out in making the yogurt video.

–          I described the process of making my second video. How I took the videos differently on my phone. What I liked and disliked about how I did this the second time and how much learning I still have left to do.  I talked about using it in my future classroom and the vast potential that it has for students.

Final Thoughts

Throughout all my posts I included several links that helped to enhance my learning with my Instant Pot and also with technology.

I believe that too often people are afraid to fail.  However, when learning a new skill, it is inevitable to fail some times. The importance of picking yourself back up and trying again is crucial and something that students need to experience. This is one reason why I think incorporating a learning project with my students is important. Not only does it allow them to be engaged in deeper learning in an area of interest but also allows them to experience risk, failure and success.  In addition, they will experience support from people outside the classroom as well as from their peers and understand how valuable this help is.   A learning project also allows students to experience first-hand the benefits and downfalls of learning online. They will learn how to share on a blog, twitter, what hashtags do, what helpful resources can be found online, other tools to use and so much more. Most importantly, students will see proof of how important maintaining an appropriate digital footprint is.  They will see how their footprint sticks with them for life and the importance of internet safety. Nothing is ever erased, even if you can’t find it anymore.

This learning project taught me so much more than just becoming an Instant Pot Head.  It introduced me to many tools, skills and techniques that I can take with me to my future classroom.


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