Class Textalot

This week I partnered with Julia Papic to explore the benefits of using texting in the classroom. While reading several articles about texting in the classroom, I found two articles that gave really great ideas on activities explicitly using text messaging and how they benefit student learning. The first article states that “text speak” can be used to enhance and build foundational reading skills such as syntax, word recognition, grammar, etc. The second article suggests that texting may help students to write more quickly and fluently. This is an interesting perspective that I had never thought about before but undeniably think it makes sense. These sites support the idea that there are numerous educational opportunities to use texting in the classroom that I will be sure to test.



3 thoughts on “Class Textalot

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  2. Wow, this was great and I really appreciate the articles that you have included. I never really thought of using texting in the classroom but it definitely makes sense especially since this is where a lot of students are constantly texting. I think you and Julia made some great points by saying that it has to be monitored and used appropriately. I have read articles on the importance and benefits that texting has on children with autism and while working with a child with autism, he was able to communicate through texting but also able to download an endless amount of apps and games. This is something that I find very interesting and will be reading more on!


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