Cybersleuthing the Dirty Details


I cybersleuthed Julia Papic. I have known Julia for a year now so knew a lot of details about her already.

First, I typed her name into google and immediately images of her popped up.  I could see her facebook profile that is highly protected with security settings, her personal and professional twitter that have high security settings as well, her Instagram that is private unless you request to follow her and her pinterest.

After seeing what came up just on google I then typed her name into the duckduckgo search engine. The results surprised me. Both her personal and professional twitter showed up,  her wordpress blog and then as I scrolled down some more my blog popped up as Julia is tagged in a few of my posts. Much further down was her facebook profile.

Next, I typed her name into Yahoo and it was interesting to see that a Faculty of Ed article popped.  The article was recognizing many University of Regina Education students and her name was in it.  In addition, the edtc300 twitter handle was displayed but not her personal or professional twitter. Lastly, a family member’s obituary came and that was all!

I did not Cybersleuth Julia to find out about her as I already know her well. It was to discover what pops up when googling her name. Plugging Julia’s name into three different search engines showed me how different one’s digital footprint can be. It made me realize several things.

  1. Setting high privacy settings are important.
  2. Published articles or posts in which your names appears or is tagged can show up.
  3. The person who tags someone else also can appear when searching.
  4. Various things posted years ago still pop up.

Cybersleuthing Julia reminded me that anything that I, or someone else, puts online can show up when googling my name and can never be deleted permanently. It is so important to be responsible when posting online as these posts will continue to “exist” out there somewhere. I do have very high privacy settings on everything and believe this is important in order to protect myself. Personally, I have an advantage as there are so many Bieber “wannabes” that I get lost in the shuffle but any person who has creeped before knows how to find what they are looking for!


One thought on “Cybersleuthing the Dirty Details

  1. I have always used google and will probably continue to do so but it is interesting to hear that yahoo and duckduckgo gave different results. I will have to make an effort to use other search engines the next time I need to research or sleuth someone!

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