Nobucks Starbucks!

I made the famous Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites. These egg bites cost you “nobucks” unlike the ones at Starbucks!



4 Large Eggs

Sprinkle Bacon Bits on each

1.5 Cups Favorite Cheese

½ Cup Cottage Cheese

¼ Cup Heavy Cream

½ tsp. Salt

Optional: Dash of Hot Sauce

First, I added the eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, cream and salt to my magic bullet and blended until smooth (about 15 seconds).

Then I added a dash of hot sauce.

I used Pam on all three of the glass Lagostina pots that I found at Costco.

I evenly distributed the egg mixture between the three pots and sprinkled with bacon bits.

I then covered each pot loosely with tinfoil. Poured 1 cup of water into the Instant Pot pot. Placed each individual glass Lagostina pot into the Instant Pot.

I put the Instant Pot lid on and steamed them for eight minutes with a no pressure release for 10 minutes when done.

This is what they looked like when removed from the pot.

I removed each egg sous vide from their individual pot once cooled a little.

They taste very good. They are so light and fluffy. I would even say they are better than Starbucks.

I made again and substituted the cottage cheese for cream cheese and added peppers. They were also very good.

After I had made these ones. I didn’t remove all from each individual pot as they all have a glass lid so just put in the fridge and heated up when needed.

This method is called pot-in-pot (PIP) cooking which is used frequently when cooking with the Instant Pot.

5 thoughts on “Nobucks Starbucks!

  1. What an incredible recipe! I love that you took something so popular and something that people spend so much money on and created it at home. You can probably make multiples at once and over all save some serious money because those little guys from Starbucks are not cheap! Question…. do they refrigerate and reheat well?

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    • Thanks Alyssa. They refrigerate and reheat very well as well as putting them in the freezer. I have found it has been my go to for lunches lately as they are so simple to make, don’t take a lot of time, can freeze a bunch or put them in the fridge and heat up when needed!


  2. Nice post, Laura! Again, I really enjoy the layout of your posts are they are easy to follow and show each step of the recipe. These look so yummy! I like that you tried the recipe again, but added your own twist to it!

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