Putting the YOU in youTUBE!

In his video Wesch discusses a variety of ways of how Youtube has influenced the world. He says some people think that many posts are all hype such as videos of people singing and dancing. However, Wesch feels that what we really need to evaluate is what they are dancing in front of.  Their audience is actually billions and billions of people in places all over the world. This forms a community, a type of community that has never been encountered before.  Wesch likes to think of it as a celebration. A celebration of new forms of expression, new communities, emerging identities, empowerment, stronger voices and presence, created by anyone with a webcam.  Creating global connections that transcend space and time and forming new and unimaginable possibilities. When media changes, human relationships also change. Wesch says, “we are the centre of this mediascape.” He encourages the audiences to rethink media including how we fit into it. Youtube is user generated content that can potentially become bigger than anything any well-known label can produce. For example, Youtube is how the Soulja Boy song came to be. There have since been many remakes of the song Soulja Boy which are done by people recreating to what they have learned through Youtube.  Once again confirming Wesch’s believe that this technology is a type of celebration.

Students are interacting with technology at much younger ages that they did previously. Many students are already making videos and posting them to Youtube or other media platforms. This means that the incorporation of technology into one’s teaching is inevitable. I believe that incorporating the different forms of technology, as well as teaching what is appropriate and not appropriate to post, is very important in today’s classrooms.  Using a platform such as Youtube with students can open up many doors for individual, group and full class work. The possibilities are endless with any subject area. On a school level, it will be necessary to follow specific protocol with students but these extra precautions are worth the effort.  Using this technology provides a unique collaborative tool amongst a wide range of grades, students and even teachers.

During lecture, Katia stated that, “we have to realize there are a lot of bad things that technology can be used for, but there are also a lot of good things it can be used for”.  It is impossible to avoid media platforms such as Youtube in our classrooms as our students will know about it and may even already be using it themselves.  Online identity is not separate from a student’s identity – it is part of their whole identity. The Participatory culture video viewed in lecture stated, “we don’t just enjoy, we participate,” allowing people to become successful in ways that we never thought possible. Welsch refers to this as unimaginable possibilities. Justin Bieber’s rise to fame is just one example of participating culture creating an unimaginable possibility.  Justin was initially discovered on Youtube and is now well known in many countries.  Thus, utilizing Youtube in our classrooms, allows students the opportunity to become involved in a positive participatory culture while achieving numerous learning outcomes and maybe even some unimaginable possibilities!


One thought on “Putting the YOU in youTUBE!

  1. Laura,
    This blog post was very informative in regards to YouTube and how it influences our students, our colleagues, and even ourselves. YouTube is used by so many students these days that it is necessary that we incorporate it into the classroom. Allowing students the opportunity to use YouTube in the classroom will benefit them, whether it be through watching videos on a science concept, or through creating a parady of a song for an english class. I definitely agree that there needs to be a specific protocol and guidlines to follow when using this social media platform. What would be some ways you would introduce YouTube into your classroom, and what would be the guildines you would want your students to follow?


    P.S. You discussed two videos in your blog post; however I do not know which videos they are. So just one little tip is I would embed the link to the video in your blog post so it is easily accessible. Otherwise, great post!


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