Let’s Get Cracking!

This week my instant pot and I partnered with Julia Papic on her keto journey.

We made hardboiled eggs in the Instant Pot

We used the 5-5-5 method that can be found at this video.

1) Pour one cup of water and place trivet in pot.

2) Place as many eggs as you want to cook on top of the trivet. Does not matter if they are touching or piled on top of one another.

3) Put lid on, make sure it is flipped to sealing.
4) Cook on high pressure for five minutes.

5) When finished do a natural pressure release for five minutes.
6) Then pour cold water on eggs and let them sit for five minutes before peeling.

7) In the video you will notice that the shells practically fall off.

8) Cut open and enjoy!

If I have learned anything from cooking in the Instant Pot, is that it is worth purchasing one for the hardboiled eggs alone!

Julia agrees and is keeping her eye out for a sale! Converting people to this “pothead lifestyle” post by post!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Cracking!

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