Instant Pot Lingo 101

This post is to introduce you to many of the different terms that can be confusing when first using the Instant Pot.  The scariest thing for me when I first got my Instant Pot was the lingo used in the various Facebook groups and recipes.  It was like another language!  My mom has an Instant Pot so she was able to give me the run down on what each term meant!

Natural Pressure Release (NPR).  NPR occurs when the Instant Pot to is left to release naturally when the cooking time is done. Leave the pot sealed for the amount of minutes the recipe says, usually it is 10 to 15 minutes. I always set a timer so I don’t forget! The steam releases gradually when the timer goes off, then flipping the switch to vent quickly releases any of the steam left.  However, after 10 to 15 minutes there is not much steam left to release.

Quick Pressure Release (QPR) is the term that refers to releasing the pressure immediately when the cooking time is done. Immediately flip the switch to vent and all the steam quickly releases (can take several minutes). It is advised that you do not release pressure under a cupboard as it can ruin the finish over time. I cover my IP switch with a tea towel so that most of the steam is absorbed into the towel.  To be extra safe, I also use a handle of a cooking utensil to flip the switch to avoid being burned by the steam.

Tinfoil Sling

The tinfoil sling is a great invention. It allows you to take a pan in and out of the pot as soon as it is done.

First you start with a large piece of tinfoil.

Then you start folding it into pieces.

Until it is all folded and it is long and skinny.

Then you put it into the pot on top of the trivet. Place pan in center and fold over the excess edges of tinfoil.

Grab the two ends and lift the pan out.

Sealing and Venting Switch

Sealing occurs when the IP is building up pressure.

Flipping the switch to venting allows all the steam to release when done cooking.

Trivet in the Pot

This is the trivet.

This is the trivet in the pot with water at the bottom.

To steam vegetables I use this foldable metal steamer with the water underneath. Placed in the pot the same way as the trivet.

I hope this introduction to this Instant Pot lingo helps you when reading my blogs or when you give in and buy your own Instant Pot! 🙂


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