Just Tweet It!

I was a bit nervous going into my first twitter chat using tweetdeck and joining #EngageChat.  I was scared that it was going to move so fast that I wouldn’t be able to answer in time, that I wouldn’t fully understand the questions or that I wouldn’t be able to contribute and respond to others’ responses.  However, this was not the case at all. We started off by saying who we were and where we were joining from. There was ample time to respond to the questions as well as to comment on others people’s answers and like comments. I tended to like many comments so I did not have that much time to comment on others. The questions tonight were surrounding leadership and leadership in schools, etc. This topic allowed for a variety of answers and discussions. The leader of the discussion also commented, gave feedback, etc. He gave me feedback on one of my answers as well. It was nice to know that people cared to learn about other peoples’ thoughts and interpretations despite coming from very diverse backgrounds around the world.  I also, quickly realized that one is not judged if they do not fully understand or misinterpret a question or that their tweet was not perfectly composed, etc.   Participants were just genuinely interested in other peoples’ thoughts and interpretations.

After my first experience with first twitter chat I think that it is valuable and one can learn lots from participating.  Basically, there is a twitter chat offered at any given time. There are local ones as well as worldwide chats. Engaging in these chats allows one to learn different perspectives/views of others. I particularly think I would learn a lot by engaging in other Education chats that discuss such things as, how teachers do things in a rural area, urban area or other parts of the world. Also, I think they would be get valuable for getting ideas and strategies in numerous areas (ie. teaching, planning, assessment, technology, etc.).

Retweet from Discussion Facilitator


One thought on “Just Tweet It!

  1. Hi Laura, your post on your experience in your first Twitter Chat gives me calmness, confidence and is quite reassuring! Now I am less hesitant and more excited to start my Twitter chat this week 🙂 Thanks!


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