Feeding Feedly

I signed up for a Feedly account and subscribed to a variety of blogs. The process I followed was to search different hashtags of interest and then read the blog’s description.  I then looked at how many followers the blog has. This gave me a good idea of how many other people follow/read the blog. In addition, I looked at how many articles are published weekly on the page and I searched hashtags such as: #edtech #education #teaching #instantpot #news.

One of the Instant Pot blogs I started following is called “Instant Loss -Conveniently Cooking Your Way To Weight Loss.” What I noticed with many of the Instant Pot blogs is that very few have a huge amount of followers. However, this blog has 386 followers which considerably higher than many of the others with only 100ish followers. I also followed this blog as they publish an article weekly featuring many people’s Instant Pot weight loss journeys as well as many useful recipes. There are many recipes on this blog that I am excited to try and feature on my Instant Pot learning project blog.

Another blog I started following is called “This Old Gal.” This is a blog on the Instant Pot as well. I already am in the Facebook group of “This Old Gal.” The majority of recipes that I use come from this Facebook group. I wanted to compare the similarities and differences between the blog and the Facebook group. That was the main reason I chose to follow this blog. However, the blog has 649 followers and posts two articles per week.

An Edtech blog that I decided to follow is called “Free Technology for Teachers.” I chose this blog as the title seemed like it would contain very useful and relatable information for a preservice teacher who wants to learn more about technology and how to incorporate it into my future classroom. I also noted that it has 76K followers and publishes 26 articles per week. This high number of articles indicated to me that it is an active blog containing up-to-date with the most recent classroom technology. There is no way to look at all the articles each week however, when I have some spare time, I feel as though it will be a useful blog to scroll through.

Laura’s Feedly Homepage


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