Education Is A Weapon

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

This quote is saying that changes in the world happen because of Education. Education is a powerful tool or “weapon” that makes positive change possible.  It is Education and knowledge that provide the necessary resources for people to question negative societal norms and act against them in order to make a difference in such areas as gender inequality, poverty, sustaining the environment and preventing illness/diseases.

Although the quote does not directly refer to teachers or students, education occurs when “a teacher” passes along knowledge to “a student”.  Teachers and/or students can take many forms and often exist outside of traditional school walls.  For example, grandparents teach younger generations, peers can teach peers, etc.  In my opinion, teaching is the transference of knowledge from one person to another and is often reciprocal.  Without education, the world would not progress.

Within the traditional school setting, curriculum is regularly reevaluated and changing to reflect the changes in society.  The following quote, taken from this week’s reading, relates not only to curriculum, but also to Mandela’s quote.  Within the reading it was written that, “The idea of curriculum is hardly new – but the way we understand and theorize it has altered over the years – and there remains considerable dispute as to meaning” (Smith, 2000, p. 1). The way we educate our students is based upon the teacher’s interpretation of the curriculum. Therefore, how curriculum is interpreted and delivered may differ from teacher to teacher.  However, it does act as an important baseline to ensure that the students have the opportunity to meet the required outcomes of their grade level. Therefore, teachers, curriculum and schools play a key role in equipping students with the learning, ambition and goals to become positive contributors and change makers in society.


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2 thoughts on “Education Is A Weapon

  1. Not only is education a very powerful weapon that can be used to change the world, education also opens up the world. The more we know about the world around us, the larger the world becomes. I also agree that education is reciprocal; I learn just as much from the children that I teach and interact with and I hope they can say the same about me.


  2. Awesome blog Laura! (Sounds exactly like mine haha). After all, they do say “Great minds think alike”. I think we both chose this quote of Nelson Mandela’s for the same reason. Education can be used as a positive or negative weapon, depending on the teacher’s interpretation of school and the curriculum. I like how in depth and detailed this post was. This quote of yours, “The way we educate our students is based upon the teacher’s interpretation of the curriculum” was exactly what I thought too as I mentioned the same thing in my blog post about this quote. You unpacked this educational quote very well! Good job, Laura!


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