Instant-Ly Becoming a Pot Head

The topic of my learning project is “Cooking with the Instant Pot.” For those not familiar with the Instant Pot, it is a kitchen appliance that is a pressure cooker, slow cooker and frying pan all in one. My learning project will feature a wide variety of recipes including recipes for comfort food, homestyle food, low carb meals, meals suitable for those following various diets (example:  keto), breakfasts, desserts and even baking.  The recipes featured will range from quick easy meals to others that may take a little more prep work. However, nothing really takes that long with the Instant Pot, which is one of the main reasons for its growing popularity.

I have had my Instant Pot since September but have not been very adventurous with it. This learning project will challenge me to try a wide variety of recipes and become comfortable with all the features the Instant Pot offers.

My plan is to first try a variety of recipes for myself that will include healthy low carb/diet meals, in addition to using many of the different cooking features, such as the yogurt button to make homemade yogurt.  After becoming more proficient, I will share the recipes and “the results” with my family and friends.  My hope is to help family and friends that own an Instant Pot to become more comfortable using the appliance, as well as sharing the benefits of the Instant Pot to others not familiar with it.  No guarantee but I may even turn my dog into an “Instant Pot Head” by cooking delicious, homemade dog food!

Laura’s Instant Pot


5 thoughts on “Instant-Ly Becoming a Pot Head

  1. I had no idea that the instant pot was capable of creating so much delicious food! A yogurt maker, really how much better can this thing get! My mom’s slow cooker is standing on its last leg and I am now trying to convince her to buy an instant pot instead of another annoyingly time consuming slow cooker! I’ll be keeping her updated on the absolutely delicious food you make each week!

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    • Hayley, I am completely convinced there is nothing better than the Instant Pot! 🙂 You can also convince your mom to buy an Instant Pot instead because it also has a slow cooker feature. I have kept my crockpot however, it is really just taking up space in a cupboard! The Instant Pot really does it all! 🙂

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  2. Hey Laura, great first blog post! I love the idea of taking something you already have and becoming more comfortable with it, and improving your skills while using it! This is also a great choice because you will be able to use the skills that you will acquire during the learning project in your life even after the class is complete! I look forward to following along and learning with you!

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