Becoming A Better Blogger

I grew up on a farm outside of Indian Head which is located approximately one hour east of Regina. After graduating from high school I earned an Early Childhood Education diploma, with great distinction from Saskpolytech. During my studies, I completed internships in various locations. I had the opportunity to work in a preschool, daycare, family centre and on the pediatrics ward at the General Hospital, to name a few. After earning my diploma I worked at the Regina Early Years Family Centre where I planned and implemented various programs for the visiting families. I later was hired to be the Assistant Director at Play and Discover Early Learning Centre (daycare at Saskpolytech). As the Assistant Director, I learned many new skills while working with the children and their families. It was from these various experiences and employment opportunities that I realized my passion for working with and teaching children thus, finalizing my decision to pursue an Elementary Education degree through the University of Regina.

I do not have much experience with education technology. However, when working at the Regina Early Years Family Centre, I was responsible to create and blog about the Centre’s weekly activities.  As this was a drop-in Centre and there were three locations, I featured activities and upcoming events occurring at each location so that visiting families could stay updated while others, who stumbled upon the internet blog, could also learn about the Centres.  This was my first experience blogging and was quite a learning process. Since returning to University last year, I have had to do many blogs in various classes. It was nice to have that initial baseline knowledge however, these courses have taught me much more about what works effectively.  Even after this first week of class, I have made several improvements to my blog that I would not know without having an entire class focused on the topic. After these two very different experiences, I have realized that I enjoy blogging if it is on a topic of interest to me.

One of Laura’s many blog posts for the EYFC!


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