Constructions of Identity

Three things I learned are:

1) The Secret Path tells the story of 12-year-old, Chanie. Chanie died on October 22, 1996 walking the railroad tracks trying to escape from the Cecelia Jefferey Indian Residential School in Kenora, Ontario.

2) The Secret Path is only one part of the graphic novel. There are ten tracks in total.

3) Gord Downie created a fund through the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation named The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund to donate to reconciliation.

Two Connections I made are:

1) Even though Downie never met Chanie the impact that his story made on Downie is an evident reason on why reconciliation is so important.

2) Children were taken from their families. The children’s families had no idea of where their children were being taken to. I could only imagine that The Secret Path is a way of closure for family and friends of Chanie’s.

One question I still have is:

What is the most effective way to teach our student’s while valuing and honouring each individuals culture to ensure that their culture is not lost in our society?


2 thoughts on “Constructions of Identity

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. To help answer your question, I think that we need to welcome every culture into our lives and our classrooms. However, the Indigenous history in Canada is one that perhaps needs to be in the forefront. Similar histories of oppression have occurred for other countries’ Indigenous populations, for example, Australia and Africa. So, others may share a sense of what has gone on historically in Canada, and in fact continues today.


  2. Sorry I posted my comment too soon.

    Despite other people having a sense of what has gone on historically, we all play a part in reconciliation, and people need to be educated about the oppression of Indigenous peoples in order to turn reconciliation into action.


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