Gender and Sexual Diversity

Three things I learned are:

1) “Smear the Queer” is a game. It is played with a big red rubber ball. The ball was tossed around to individuals either they threw the ball away or sometimes the person who threw the ball would yell “smear the queer” and then everyone would pile on top of that person. This person was normally less popular or weaker (Loutzenheiser, p. 193).

2) The school does not recognize when playing this game that the LGBTQ child is in desperate need of help and love (Loutzenheiser, p. 193).

3) There is no understanding that the heterosexual child in the middle of the pile has played a part in the harassment but unknowingly sent a message to this child that this person is less than (Loutzenheiser, p. 193).

Two connections I made are:

1) As a teacher it is our job to ensure that every student is accepted no matter the differences and make it the “norm.”

2) The crucial need to integrate the various sexual identities into the curriculum is so important so students see themselves represented.

One question I still have is:

Gay, Straight Alliance student clubs are becoming more evident in schools however, not all. As a teacher how do we make schools see the true importance of student clubs like these?


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