Second CBSL Blog

My initial thoughts on my CBSL placement at Campus For All have changed. My initial thoughts about class presentations and how this class was not hands-on enough, are completely different now.

Since that first blog entry, there have been no other presentations and every class has contained hands-on activities.  However, in the next two weeks, students will be presenting their completed group projects, which were all hands-on activities.

The first activity was that each group created a wearable design.  The group that “my” student worked in created a bracelet. It was cool learning about the technology that they used to create and design this bracelet.  The design was then sent to the library to be printed on a special machine. I had no idea that this process can all be done right here at the university.

The second project the group created was a wearable item that contains a switch that lights up when a specific motion is made or something is touched.  For example, a flower design lights up on the front of a shirt when your arm is placed by your side and touches the contact switch. The groups had the choice of using a contact switch or a bridge switch. What has surprised me the most are the endless possibilities of technology and how it can be incorporated into design to create many daily wearables.

The biggest area of learning to-date has been the process of making a contact switch and actually have it work successfully. The picture below is of the contact switch.

Three things I continue to learn are:

1) Confirming “my” student’s understanding of course assignments, deadlines and expectations is crucial to his success and comfort level in the course.

2) Taking time each week to meet for lunch has strengthened our connection and friendship and has allowed me to gain a better understanding about how his brain injury has impacted his abilities and how best to help him.

3) How diverse technology is becoming and the endless possibilities of technology in our daily lives. In addition, the hands-on practice of utilizing the different elements has also been a huge learning curve.

Two Connections I made are:

1) How the huge umbrella of technology connects to our daily lives and the endless uses of it. For example, such things as creating an article of clothing that lights up or displays a message or how something placed on your body (twitter dress, tattoo, etc) can be connected to an app to have a recorded voice or sound played.

2) The amount of motivation a person has determines what they can do or what is possible. The well-known quote, “you can do anything you put your mind to” is definitely true!   I have witnessed this first hand while working with “my” student.

One question I still have is:

Technology provides many options for teachers.  How can we remain current and successfully incorporate some of these not so “well-known” technologies into the classroom?


One thought on “Second CBSL Blog

  1. Hi Laura!
    Your CBSL placement sounds amazing! It definitely is nice to have hands on activities. They often can help you learn more about that specific individuals personality and working patterns! I also did not know that they can create all of this 3D and as you said wearable art all right here at the university! I defiantly am going to look farther into that!
    It is probably so nice to be able to have that one on one connection with a specific student, and to meet for lunch and just talk! I can defiantly say that I have met a lot of people at my CBSL experience that have made so much of a difference to our conversations and overall to my volunteering experience! It is nice to have people who greet you and ask you how your day was!

    Great Post!
    Thanks, Ashley


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