Biological and Cognitive Development

Three things I learned are:

1)  Anorexia is a more dangerous disorder than bulimia (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 69).

2) Brofenbrenner helped found the Head Start early childhood program (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 70). Through the work with my Early Childhood Diploma I had the opportunity to tour a number of Head Start programs. What a great program filling a huge need in the community!

3) First-time marriages have a 67% chance of lasting a lifetime (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 74).

Two Connections I made are:

1) The textbook states that girls between the ages of 11 and 14 are taller and heavier on average than boys of the same age (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 65).  This was never the case for me but when I reflect on my elementary school years and look at old class pictures, this was definitely true for most of the girls in my class.

2) There is another challenge in physical development for many children that involves not too much weight, but too little. (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 69). I was always that small child. I was never considered the correct weight, height or BMI for my age. Such things like going into grade one in pants sized for “18 month olds”, still having to sit in a car seat when everyone else was out of theirs, not being able to reach certain things on the playground, etc. created as many challenges for me as the challenges that larger heavier children face.

One question I still have is:

Researchers have found that students in Asian countries who consistently outperform U.S. students on international reading, science, and mathematics tests, have more frequent recess breaks throughout the school day (Perry, Winnie, Woolfolk, p. 67).  If numerous studies prove this, why is it that we are still cutting back recess times or allowing recess time to be  taken away for misbehaviour?


One thought on “Biological and Cognitive Development

  1. Hi Laura! I too connected with the textbook referring to girls being taller and heavier on average than boys of the same age. I remember thinking I was going to be so tall when I grew up because I was taller than most of the boys in my class. However, I now realize I was completely wrong!
    I also like the question you brought up. I talked similarly in my blog post.
    Consider this, if recess time is considered important in learning (especially to a young child) is it more of a lesson for a child to have temporarily lost this privilege or should other action be taken?


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